You’ve probably been hearing it for years: hair colouring products that contain ammonia are bad for your hair, your skin and even your sinuses. But how come ammonia dyes so bad for you, and why should you be on the lookout for an ammonia-free hairdresser on the Gold Coast?

Essentially, ammonia hair dyes hair by opening up the outer shell (or cuticle) of the hair and penetrating to the core of the strand. This deep hair dying method is effective because it essentially removes the original pigment colour of your hair and replaces it with the dye colour. This reason explains why ammonia has traditionally been the preferred option for long-lasting hair dyes.

However, since ammonia opens up the cuticle and leaves it open, your hair will be losing proteins and moisture continuously. Over time, your hair will start to develop a very dry, almost artificial texture to it. In other words, you will be able to physically feel the damage that the ammonia has done to your hair.

When you work with an ammonia-free hairdresser on the Gold Coast—such as Sovereign Islands Hair Studio—your hair will be coloured with dyes that use natural, organic pigments instead of ammonia. Instead of essentially destroying the cuticle of your hair, organic dyes will gently soften the cuticle in order to penetrate the strand and effectively colour the hair. This method retains the proteins, nutrients and overall moisture of your hair, while also providing a satisfactory colouring.

Don’t sacrifice the health and feel of your hair for a dye that lasts a few days longer! Work with a Gold Coast ammonia-free hairdresser like Sovereign Islands Hair Studio, and let our organic methods provide your hair with a colouring that looks and feels great.