If you are someone who tends to get their hair coloured on a regular or semi-regular basis, then finding the best ammonia-free hair salon on Australia’s Gold Coast is a must for you. Ammonia-free hair colouring products aren’t just better for the health of your hair than the products that do use ammonia, but they are also better for your scalp, your sinuses, your skin and more. Quite simply, hair products that use ammonia are not good for you, and can cause considerable damage to your hair over time.

At Sovereign Islands Hair Studio, we pride ourselves on offering a healthier and safer option. As an ammonia-free hair salon on the Gold Coast, none of the hair colouring products that we use contain any ammonia whatsoever. Instead, our products use natural pigments to dye your hair, giving you the same vibrant colour as ammonia dyes, but without the added baggage of hair destruction, skin or sinus irritation and more.

When the options for ammonia-free hair dyes are as good as they are today, there is simply no sense in using ammonia dyes on your hair. So ask your hairstylist today whether or not she uses ammonia dyes in colouring your hair. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then it’s time to start looking elsewhere for the best ammonia free hair salon Gold Coast. We hope your search will lead to Sovereign Islands Hair Studio!