If you colour your hair frequently, then you need to know about Cureplex! Used as an additive during the hair dying process, Cureplex helps to protect your hair from damage—as well as repair past damage—in a convenient and inexpensive manner. At Sovereign Islands Hair Studio, we offer the Cureplex hair treatment Gold Coast and encourage our frequent hair colouring customers to use it as a way to preserve the health of their hair.

So how does it work? And why should you be interested in getting an Cureplex hair treatment Gold Coast? Cureplex is actually a two-step treatment, using a bond multiplier and a bond perfector during different stages of the hair colouring process. Say your hair is being lightened or highlighted: the bond multiplier is mixed with the lightener to prevent breakages. Then, when the lightener is rinsed out of your hair, the bond perfector is put in your hair for additional protection and reconstruction.

Over time, hair colouring processes can eat away at the disulfide bonds in your hair and bring about a worn out, tired look. For instance, if your hair is naturally curly, destruction of the disulfide bonds can result in wavier, more straw-textured hair.

Are you interested in protecting your hair with this new and cutting edge product? If so, call Sovereign Islands Hair Studio today and ask us about our Cureplex hair treatment Gold Coast! We are happy to tell you more about the procedure, or to get you scheduled for an appointment.